Big news! Futu Securities has won KPMG China's top 50 financial technology for three years

    2019-01-04 15:14:37   PT

Recently, KPMG, one of the world's leading professional services organizations, released the list - 'China's Top 50 Financial Technology Companies.' Futu Securities has been on the list for three years because it relies on its internet thinking and technological innovation, pain point resolution, capital market recognition, and future development prospects.

KPMG first launched the China's Top 50 Financial Technology list in 2016. 2018 is the third time. The list has received enthusiastic response in the field. The screening dimension of this selection includes technology and innovation. There are 50 private financial technology companies and seven listed financial technology companies on the list. The listed companies include Lujin, Ant Financial, and Jingdong Digital Technology, Weizhong Bank, Suning Finance, etc.

Futu Securities has been on the list for three years, which not only shows the technology first-mover advantage in the financial technology and financial services, but also reflects Futu Securities' focus on traditional financial changes, industry pain points and customer experiences.

2018 is a year of rapid growth for Futu Securities. As the sole representative of internet brokers, it participated as joint bookrunners and joint lead manager in Xiaomi, Mei Tuan Comments, Huaxing Capital, and Tongcheng Yilong's IPO, and achieved good results. Meanwhile, it has become an important partner for the listing of new economic enterprises in Hong Kong and the United States. Futu Securities has also brought many surprises to investors. It provides one-stop IPO subscription, ultra-low IPO subscription margin rates, zero-cash new share subscriptions, position mortgage subscriptions, dark trading, U.S. stock Level 2 market, U.S. stock options, which are competitive new stock subscriptions and trading services in the stock market.

Shimin Li, KPMG Asia Pacific area financial manager, said that the innovation of financial technology is promoting the overall efficiency of the financial industry, which includes service efficiency, risk control efficiency, operational efficiency, management efficiency, compliance efficiency, and innovation efficiency. KPMG's selection is focused on building a financial technology network connection, promoting the development of a financial technology ecosystem together with the community, providing a platform for communication among financial technology companies, licensed financial institutions, venture capital funds, government agencies, and academic organizations.