How to Invest More in a Booming A-shares Market? Futu’s A-shares Trading Becomes the New Favorite of Investors

    2019-04-10 18:24:56   PT

Prices of China’s A-shares have been rising since the beginning of the new year. In particular, the Shanghai Composite Index saw a significant rise in April, increasing by 2% on April 1st and setting a new record for this year. Overseas “smart money” is one of the important factors behind the rise of A-shares. Increasing foreign investment has been driving the consumer blue chips and the index up. Also, macro signals have been favorable and raising expectations.

With the growth in China’s A-shares market, Futu Securities, a Hong Kong-based stockbroker, launched the A-shares Trading to provide services to A-share investors at home and abroad. Futu’s A-shares Trading covers tradings at both the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and will allow investors to trade stocks at the two stock exchanges without any capital threshold.

Fast Online Account Opening, One-stop Investment in the Three Major Stock Markets

Fast Online Account Opening, One-stop Investment in the Three Major Stock Markets

Futu A-shares Trading supports one-click online account opening. All you need to do is click the “Open Account” button on the Futu Niu Niu app stock page or personal trading account page. The entire process can be completed in less than three minutes.

It has become one of the main trends to invest in China’s stock market and benefit from China’s economic growth. Therefore, one-stop investment in multiple stock markets has become an urgent need for investors. With Futu Niu Niu, investors can easily invest in the three major stock markets of Hong Kong, the United States, and mainland China. The “cross-market trading” function on Futu Niu Niu allows investors to directly trade A-shares with Hong Kong dollars or U.S. dollars. Investors do not need to change dollars into RMB or make additional RMB deposits into their accounts. Without the need for foreign exchange purchases and settlement, investors can save a lot of time and give high credits to Futu due to the convenience.

Futu Securities is a company of Futu Holdings and holds the 1/2/4/5/9 regulated activity license. It is a licensed corporation approved by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (Central No.: AZT137). Futu Inc. holds a securities brokerage license issued by FINRA of the United States. At present, Futu Holdings has been listed on the Nasdaq exchange in the United States (stock symbol “FHL”), and its investors include Tencent, Jingwei, Sequoia and other institutions.