Fintech Rising Star Futu Securities Selected for the Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index

    2018-08-30 15:00:01  PT

Recently, the Hurun Research Institute released the 'Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index for the Second Quarter of 2018' in Shenzhen Qianhai, and announced the list of unicorns in Greater China. This time, a total of 162 companies were selected, and Futu Securities was included as a representative in the internet finance tech sector with other companies, such as Tencent Music, Lu Jinsuo, Ant Financial, Shang Tang Technology, and Hot Mama.

After collecting and analyzing the data of almost 800 high-growth, non-listed companies, as well as isolating those with external financing and an evaluated value of more than $1 billion, the Hurun Research Institute created this list of unicorns in Greater China. Since it released the first list in December 2017, the list has become one of the most authoritative references for entrepreneurs, investment institutions, and other related groups.

Hu Run, chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, said: 'Under the influence of the U.S. trade war and the stock market downturn, the new economy is particularly important for China's future development. The unicorn enterprise has a rapid investment return and represents the future of the new economy. There are young and the most competent people behind these enterprises. Some companies on the list today are likely to grow rapidly into global-level enterprises and become the next wave of 'BAT.' I hope this list can be a reference for investors, providing entrepreneurs with more support and and promoting entrepreneurship.'

Established in 2012 and invested in by Tencent, Futu Securities focuses on providing one-stop Hong Kong stock investment services. It is a licensed corporation (Central No.: AZT137) approved by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Compared with traditional brokers, Futu Securities redefines the obligations of Hong Kong and U.S. stock brokers by its internet finance techonology, and relies on the trading system and internet model developed by the whole chain to solve user pain points and drive industry innovation.

It is reported that Futu Securities completed the C round of financing in June 2017 and became a well-known unicorn enterprise in the new economy. Futu has been developing incredibly fast. In July this year, its users exceeded 5 million and the accumulated transaction volume exceeded 1.5 trillion. It is in the top 1% of personal investor brokerages in the Hong Kong market. The company has been playing a leading role in the internet brokerage industry in terms of overall strength and development speed.

Futu's performance in the investment banking distribution business is also very eye-catching. Since 2016, as the joint lead manager, Futu was the only online investment banker that participated in the IPOs of the new star internet companies, such as Xiaomi, 51 Credit Card, 7 Road, Meitu, and China Literature.

It is also known that Futu is the only internet brokerage company with Hong Kong and U.S. dual licenses on the market, and the only brokerage that truly realizes the zero threshold for buying stocks. In order to meet the needs of users and provide the best user experience, Futu has been making constant improvements and innovations to its services. With such leading services, Futu will be able to bridge the needs of both new companies and individual investors. The best products and services will enable Futu to maintain and strengthen its leading role in the fintech internet industry.