Hurun Announces 2018 New Financial Top 100 List; Futu Securities Wins 2 Awards

    2018-01-22 10:18  PT

On Jan. 20, the 2018 Hurun New Financial Top 100 Summit organized by Hurun Report and Xiaotongren was held in Shenzhen. At the summit, as the only unicorn of internet brokers, Futu Securities once again was listed on the '2018 Hurun New Financial Top 100 List.' In addition, due to its 'internet genes' and advanced technologies, its trading software Futu Niu Niu also won the '2018 Hu Runxin Financial Technology Innovation Award.'

On the same day, the forum, themed with 'Innovation, Change and Inclusion,' was held simultaneously with the summit. Mr. Biwei Wei, the CEO of Futu Securities, discussed with panelists about 'how can new financial enterprises seize opportunities from data-driven technology and tech upgrades.' At the same time, they shared thoughts on blockchain technology and suggested a major risk of 'digital currency investment.'

Using technology-driven innovation to improve users' experience of internet securities has been Futu's philosophy since its establishment five years ago. Since 2012, it has taken the lead in redefining the Hong Kong and U.S. stocks brokerage businesses with internet finance technology. With the independent research and development capabilities of the entire chain, it continues to address users' pain points and drive industry innovation.

Futu Niu Niu, Futu's software APP, provides data and services for trading, information, and social communication of the three major markets: Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stocks and A-shares. In the market data, Futu Securities is the first internet broker to cooperate with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq exchange to provide users with real-time market data. Also, it charges the lowest commission rate of three-tenths of Hong Kong stocks (as low as HK$3). Meanwhile, it offers more flexible commission plans for U.S. stocks. In addition, the three-minute speed account opening and in-depth cooperation with Hong Kong local banks will further improve users' experience and continue to put Futu in a leading place in this industry.

This is the third consecutive year that Hurun Report has released the list of top new domestic financial companies. As a well-known wealth research institution in China and around the world, Hurun Report is one of the authoritative organizations to track changes in the Chinese entrepreneurial community and has become an important indicator of China's market economy. It can be said that the listed companies outperform in all fields, and they have been promoting the progress of the industry while achieving significant development themselves.

Hu Run, founder of Hurun Report, said that the past decade has been the fastest-growing decade in China's history. China's wealth creation model is undergoing profound changes. The new financial industry is endowed with a large number of opportunities and significant market potential.