Futu Securities' Product Belief - Making Futu Niu Niu the First Choice for Investors

    2017-06-23 11:08:00   PT

Nowadays, "internet broker" is not a new term for most investors. Compared with traditional brokers, internet brokers have an advantage in low cost and low commissions, because they don't need to have offline stores and the total offline cost is almost zero.

However, Futu Securities, which is regarded as an internet broker unicorn, has its unique competitive edge. Thanks to the amazing product experience of Futu Niu Niu, the flagship trading software of Futu, Futu Securities has been widely recognized by the industry within a few years and has been given high credits by an increasing number of fans.

Not long ago, the internet brokerage firm, which has been engaged in Hong Kong stocks trading services, announced the completion of the C$145.5 million C-round financing. Tencent, Jingwei and Sequoia, which also invested in the A and B rounds of financing, continued to make investments in this C round. This round of financing has set up the highest financing record for domestic internet brokers. Where does the magic of Futu's products come from?

It is reported that the number of Futu's users has exceeded 3.4 million, and the accumulated transaction volume has exceeded 500 billion, of which the annual transaction volume in 2016 reached nearly 300 billion. So what is the magic power of Futu to quickly win the hearts of the majority of individual investors?

The magic is that Futu Securities is the only Hong Kong-US stock internet broker with independent research and development capabilities covering the entire chain of this industry. It owns independent technology for every part of the chain, including opening accounts, transacting money, providing market and trading information as well as settlement.

In regard to the services to the users, Futu is committed to providing the best market information, the best trading experience, the best price and the best services. For example, Futu spends a huge amount of money every year to purchase in-depth real-time market information from Hong Kong and US exchanges and give it to its customers for free. Meanwhile, it increases investments of millions RMB to expand its trading channels, which allow the customers to place orders at milliseconds.

Due to the concerted efforts to provide the best service, Futu has become a leading internet broker and gained the invaluable trust of customers. Particularly in 2015, when other internet brokers failed in settling the transactions because of the large orders, Futu withstood the test and became the only one to survive the trading peaks.

New version of Android Makes Investment Easier

Such a large number of investors favor Futu also because Futu Niu Niu has been upgraded really fast. It is reported that Futu Niu Niu upgraded 52 versions in only one year of 2016, involving 1,298 function points. Recently, Futu updated its Android version again, adding a series of new features.

In the stock market, every minute and every second has business opportunities. Futu Niu Niu is able to allow users to understand the market more quickly. In the new version, the Futu Niu Niu main sliding area switches news and comment tabs by default, and the top sub-sliding area switches stocks. So the entire interface is much more organized and users can quickly and accurately find the information they need.

To earn money from Hong Kong and US stocks, it is necessary not only to conduct an in-depth analysis of the targets, but also to adjust the investment according to expectations. For example, the earnings season is a very important time node in the investment of Hong Kong and US stocks. Futu Niu Niu reminds investors of major issues, prepares investors to better seize investment opportunities and avoid potential risks.

Futu's product research and development capabilities are very strong and widely recognized in the industry. Ma Huateng and Zhang Xiaolong have given high credits to Futu's R&D capacity. Though it has made tremendous achievements, Futu does not stop its efforts and aims for an even better future. It will continue to improve the user experience of Futu Niu Niu and make it the first choice for investors.

Can internet brokers win only by offering the cheapest price? The product belief of Futu gives the answer - NO!