More new autopilot features included in Ford's next-generation cars

Ford reveals its next-gen car for coming two years, which adds more assistance features that fully considers varying driving conditions.

    Nov 10, 2016 5:30 PM  PT
More new autopilot features included in Ford's next-generation cars
author: Claire   

Many cars are equipped with driving assist systems, such as keeping in the middle of the lane while driving, cruise control, and setting up a distance from the car in front of you. These autopilot assistances are nothing new.

Ford, as an automaking pioneer, clearly wants to go one step further. This refers to its recent revealing of products that evaluate varying driving conditions.

Auto backup braking system

Suppose you are ready to leave a parking lot in front of a supermarket. You slowly back out from a parking spot while suddenly a pedestrian walks behind your car. That's a very common scenario which can cause danger if not handled with caution, especially when the passer-by is a child not tall enough to be noticed. The new Ford assistance system could help detect people and objects on course to pass behind a vehicle, and auto-braking when in reverse if the driver fails to heed warnings about said objects. So if you didn't notice things passing behind your car, your driving system can help you avoid such an accident.

Evasive steering assist

Another scenario: on a smooth highway where all cars are running 65 mph, the car right in front of you for no reason suddenly stops or slows down—it could be some unexpected road obstacle that made it brake, such as a fallen object from a previous truck, or a running deer from the bushes next to the highway. These are uncommon conditions, yet they do happen. What people under such emergency situations usually do, is overreact—quickly steering the wheel by all possible means. In many cases this leads to a rollover or the car ends up in a ditch beyond the shoulder. But what Ford could offer in this instance is an "evasive steering assist" that help human drivers steer their cars around stopped or slower vehicles in front. This would be in cases where braking won't succeed in avoiding a collision and the driver instead attempts to steer around the obstacle. It utilizes a radar and camera to detect if the Ford model is approaching slow-moving or stationary vehicles. The car then provides steering support that helps the driver avoid the approaching vehicle if a collision is imminent. The system will only be activated if there is not a sufficient amount of space to stop.

Some other new features include a wide-angle rear camera for a more panoramic view of what's behind your car via in-dash display. And interestingly, a new parking assist that helps you to do parallel parking. Or even a perpendicular park such as backing into a spot with just a single press of a button. Moreover, there will be a wrong-way alert system that notifies you in both visual and audio warnings when you enter a wrong way on the road.